Alternative Design Gentle Air IVC Cage Set

The MACS Gentle Air system is an excellent addition to any vivarium because it can accept any existing Alternative Design Max75, Dura, and Uni mouse cages. The innovative mice-to-rat modularity of the frame makes it a favorite in vivariums worldwide. Rely on Alternative Design’s rigorous manufacturing processes that build equipment with unparalleled sturdiness.

Air Handler Unit

Cage Top

Cage Bottom

Watering System

Water Bottles,Edstrom Fixed Drinkers,Edstrom Detachable Drinkers


Benefits Include:
• Increase animal wellbeing
• Optimize vivarium workspace
• Modular design for flexible use
• Improve Workflow

Features Include:
• Frame made from 304 stainless steel
• The Double-Sided Mobile Frame holds between 112-160 Gentle-Air 502 or 520 mouse cages
• Frame includes upper main supply and exhaust plenums
• Plenums are made from 22 gauge stainless steel and are removable for cleaning
• Frame sits on 4 rugged 5″ casters with zerks, 2 of which have brakes
• Frames and the plenum are both autoclavable
• One round tube handle on each end within the frame for hand protection
• Available in your choice of 3 cage stack heights – 10, 9 or 8 high

Additional information

Base Configuration

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