Flow Sciences CleanFlow Laminar Flow Hood – USP <797> Compliant ISO 7 Cleanroom Solution

Enhance your sterile compounding process with the cost-effective Flow Sciences CleanFLow Laminar Flow Hood, expertly designed to meet USP <797> compliance and provide an immaculate ISO 7 cleanroom environment. Experience unparalleled safety, efficiency, and reliability for your pharmaceutical applications. The CleanFlow Laminar Flow Hood is perfect for aseptic preparations, sterility testing, and various pharmacological processes, providing superior protection for both materials and operators from contamination.

Discover the difference with Flow Sciences CleanFLow Laminar Flow Hood, featuring a comprehensive list of features and specs designed to make your pharmaceutical operations smoother and more effective. With its ergonomic and modular design, this clean air workstation is easy to operate, install, and maintain, providing a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Choose from a wide range of sizes to accommodate your unique workspace requirements and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in top-quality equipment.


• USP <797> compliant for sterile compounding
• ISO 7 cleanroom grade solution
• Aseptic, ergonomic, and modular design
• Cost-effective clean air workstation
• Easy to operate, install, and maintain
• Wide range of sizes available
• Designed for non-hazardous sterile compounding
• HEPA filters (99.99% DOP at 0.3 μm) for superior air filtration
• Unidirectional airflow and face velocity of 90 ft/min
• Durable construction with clear polycarbonate side panels, white polypropylene back panel, and anodized aluminum frame system
• Stainless steel work surface and front panel
• Quiet operation with noise level less than 65 dB
• Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting (40W)

• Air Filtration: HEPA filters (99.99% DOP at 0.3 μm), vertical
• Airflow: Unidirectional
• Face Velocity: 90 ft/min
• Materials: Clear polycarbonate, white polypropylene, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel
• Noise Level: <65 dB
• Lighting: Compact fluorescent light fixture (40W), On/Off switch
• Electrical Requirements: 115V / 60 Hz / 1.25A
• Dimensions (External/Internal):
• CAWS3: 39″W x 31.4″D x 49″H / 36″W x 25.6″D x 32″H
• CAWS4: 51″W x 31.4″D x 49″H / 48.4″W x 25.6″D x 32″H
• CAWS6: 77″W x 26″D x 49″H / 74″W x 25.6″D x 32″H