Baker ChemoSHIELD®

A Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI) designed for the containment of hazardous chemotherapy and other agents and IV admixtures. ChemoSHIELD® negative pressure compounding aseptic containment isolators offer a contained, leak-tight (tested to AGS standard), negative pressure work area suitable for hazardous pharmaceutical compounds, chemotherapy agents or IV admixtures that can be harmful to pharmacy personnel.



• ChemoSHIELD creates a unidirectional HEPA-filtered airflow of better than ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air cleanliness conditions within the negative pressure chamber to prevent migration of hazardous contaminants to the outside and to minimize cross-contamination across the direct compounding area.
• ChemoSHIELD has no onboard motor/blower to maintain and service. All static pressure and airflow is supplied by the building exhaust system.
• The industry-leading design features of ChemoSHIELD allow it to provide sterile interior conditions while also increasing personnel protection from exposure.
• A spacious, negative pressure pass-through chamber allows safe and easy transfer of materials into or out of the main chamber.
• Supplied gloves and glove sleeves are ASTM D6978 tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.
• A hinged viewscreen allows for easy loading of instruments and equipment.
• Ambidextrous gloves are positioned in the main chamber to allow total access to the interior.
• The pass-through door also includes one ambidextrous glove to permit manipulation of contents or surface decontamination of items moved to or from the main chamber.

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Model Configurations

60" W x 35 3/4" D, 75" W x 35 3/4" D

36 Month