E-Z Anesthesia® EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System

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EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System
• Ideal for work with multiple animals and unique configurations
• Precise, low flow gas saves money and protects personnel
• Flow rates are set specifically for mice and rats
• Five outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to four breathers
• Preset flow rates eliminate the need for flow meters and manual adjustments
• Protocols are easily followed without calculations
• Flow rate is not impacted by the type or the number of accessories connected
• Minimal opportunity for operator error
• Each output is individually controlled with a simple on/off switch
• Pushbutton oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animals
• Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of the unit

EZ-AF9000-A Customized Auto Flow System
• Outputs can be individually customized to specific flow rates
• Can be customized to accommodate guinea pigs and rabbits

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EZ-AF9000 Base System Includes:
• EZ-190F Auto-Flow Anesthesia Machine
• Oxygen or Air Regulator
• (2) EZ-103A Microflex Breathers
• (1) EZ-178 Sure-Seal Mouse/Rat Induction Chamber
• (1) Case of ReFresh Charcoal Filters (8)
• Also includes mouse/rat nosecones, nosecone plugs, plastic surgery bed, and all connecting tubes

• Anesthetic: Isoflflurane 0 – 5%
• Carrier Gas: Oxygen or Air
• Flow Rate: Chamber – 1 LPM each
• Breathers – 0.5 LPM each
• Number of Outputs: 5