Envisys Salt Spray Fog Test Chamber – Mist Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

Envisys salt spray testing chambers simulate a corrosive saline environment for testing surface coatings against corrosion. It allows paints, coatings, lubricants, and other treatments to be tested for corrosive protection in an accelerated process. These highly sophisticated units are well built, maintenance-friendly, economical, and durable. Units come in various sizes to suit different testing needs, with basic and cyclic model options available for each size.

Optional Accessories


Basic Version:
• Integrated control panel
• Temperature control system will be single set point
• Microprocessor based PID controller with precise temperature control

Cyclic Version
• Touch screen based complete user-programmable console capable of controlling chamber and saturator temperature, perform cyclic operations
• Individual event selection of dry cycle, high humidity cycle etc.
• Minimum of 5 programmable timers for alarm activation

General Features
• Meets testing applications as per various international standards viz., ASTM, DIN, GM, JIS, MIL etc
• Made of high corrosive resistant non-metallic glass-fiber reinforced structure
• Single block design with easy access and maintenance free sections
• Available in varied sizes to suit your diverse testing applications
• User friendly control desk with automatic pneumatic guided door opening
• Fine-fog simulation atomizer
• Regulated humidity/saturation tower for producing saturated humid air
• Low-density ceramic layer rope-heaters bonded outside the tank with aluminum foil rapping for uniform conduction of temperature
• Hanging rods and slotted angle racks for hanging/placing the specimen
• Maintenance free independent removable brine solution reservoir tub
• Air-purge facility for safety of the surrounding equipment
• User friendly control desk with automatic pneumatic guided door opening

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