Envysis Lithium ion Battery Testing Chambers

Envisys Custom Battery Testing Chambers are designed to safely perform battery testing for R&D, quality assurance, and battery manufacture requirements. Battery testing, especially lithium ion, can be hazardous, and Envisys has incorporated safety options to prevent any harmful explosions or ignitions while testing for environmental stress conditions. These chambers are ideal for testing involving temperature range and climatic range. Finally, they come in various sizes based on user needs.

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Built in safety features:
• Fire Suppression System (CO2).
• Automatic Air Exchange System.
• Mechanical Locking & Fire Extinguisher System.
• Mechanical Pressure Relief Port.
• Fire Detection/Alarm System ( O2 & CO ).
• Status Indication & Smoke Detection.

The ET-touch controller is designed to work with Envisys’s Environmental Testing chambers. The controller has a high-performance industrial grade color touch screen, allowing the user to experience clear view of the chamber parameters. The user-friendly software has been designed for easy operation with highest level of safety and optimized chamber performance. The ET-color touch controller has aa built-in web server for monitoring and operating from any internet connected PC or smartphone Communication ports viz., RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port and many other in-built operation and security features

Standard Models:
• Available Range: 600, 950 AND 1400 Liters
• Temperature: -40 / -70 deg C to 180 deg C
• RH: 10% to 95% (optional)