Euthanex Lids

Euthanex revolutionized humane animal euthanasia in the 1980s with their patented CO2 Eurthanex Lix System. Euthanex lids gently euthanize animale through precise control of gas introduction. Animal remain in their come cages, further minimizing stress. The lids are made of heavy-duty stainless steel with a quick disconnect lid stem and foam gasket for a secure fit even with smaller cages. Flow restrictors are also available and sold separately. The flow restrictors help ensure AVMA compliance by ensuring a consistent flow rate.

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These products may be required for use with your Euthanex lids. A representative will work with you to ensure you have a complete setup upon requesting a quote.
• EA-285 Regulator – for use with CO2 cylinder gas supply
• Single Flow Meters – for use with house gas supply
Flow Restrictors avoid the need to adjust the flow rate due to changes in cage number and ensure AVMA compliance of CO2 flow using a set pressure.