Euthanex Prodigy Plus Touch Screen – Three Cage Output – Unlimited Preset Times

Introducing the EA-36000P SMARTBOX Prodigy Plus, the ultimate cage euthanasia automation solution for animal care facilities. This innovative system allows administrators to pre-program an unlimited number of cage sizes and flow rates for efficient and seamless operation.

With its user-friendly touch screen control, the Prodigy Plus automatically calculates cage volume and controls flow rates, treating up to three rat cages at once. Compliant with AVMA Guidelines, this advanced system ensures secure access with password protection and customizable user-level permissions.

The EA-36000P SMARTBOX Prodigy Plus package includes the touch screen controller and three Prodigy hoses, making it the perfect addition to elevate your facility’s performance.


• Easy-to-use touch screen control: View cycle stage, times, flow rates, and cage types at a glance
• Automated cage volume calculation: Simplify your workflow with automatic adjustments for your cage type and total volume
• Precise flow rate control: Benefit from automatic flow rate regulation for each cage type, pre-set by the administrator
• Multi-cage treatment: Treat up to three rat cages simultaneously, optimizing time and resources
• Neonate support: Secondary charges and dwells ensure appropriate care for neonates
• Secure access: Unlimited users with password protection and customizable user-level permissions
• Quick animal retrieval: Designed for investigators requiring rapid access to their subjects
• Easy mounting: Magnetic feet enable effortless attachment to metal safety cabinets

• Height: 3.5 inches
• Width: 8 inches
• Length: 12.75 inches
• Input Pressure: 35 psi
• Electrical Requirement: 100-240 Volt, 2 amp
• Number of Outputs: 3
• Max Flow Rate (LPM):
• Single Output: 10 LPM | 20 LPM
• Double Output: 6.5 LPM | 14 LPM
• Triple Output: 4.25 LPM | 9 LPM
• Cage Capacity per Cycle:
• Mouse Cages: 3
• Rat Cages: 2 | 3
• Input Pressure: 18 psi | 35 psi* (required for highest flow output; lower psi input accepted but may limit higher flow ranges)
• WiFi Capable: Yes
• Multi-Language Support: Yes
• Remote Access: Yes
• Number of Cage Programs: Unlimited
• Number of Users: Unlimited
• Password Protection: Yes
Enjoy enhanced control and convenience with these easy-to-understand specs, designed to optimize your animal care facility’s performance.