Flow Sciences Top Mounted Enclosure Series VBE, CVE, Class I Bio Safety

The Top Mounted Enclosure Series from Flow Sciences is designed for the safe handling of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and other toxic materials. These enclosures can accommodate balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, and many other benchtop instruments. Airfoil technology keeps a laminar flow while minimizing turbulence and fan vibration is not transferred to the base for accurate weighing. Finally, a phenolic base is chemically resistant and keeps spills contained with dished edges.

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• Provides containment for benchtop/scale and nanotechnology applications
• Proven containment on these units to below 1 μg/m3
• Vibration from fan does not transfer to work surface ensuring weighing accuracy
• Uses airfoils and plenums to create a laminar airflow and reduce eddies and turbulence
• Top mounted exhaust with dual 4” HEPA filters or carbon filters can vent to room or building exhaust
• Top-mounted technology: bag in bag out filtration provides a safe work environment
• The 30” deep base accommodates larger micro and analytical balances.
• A gentle airflow with low turbulence limits loss of materials
• Chemically resistant phenolic base contains spills with raised edges and resists chemicals
• Clear acrylic walls increase ambient light
• Face velocity alarm is standard on all units with an audible alarm that alerts when airflow is interrupted
• Multiple widths provide the perfect size for each labs needs

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