Baker SterilSHIELD®

A Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI) designed for aseptic compounding of non-hazardous pharmaceuticals.
SterilSHIELD® positive pressure compounding aseptic isolators (CAIs) offer a contained, positive pressure work area suitable for non-hazardous pharmaceutical compounding.
SterilSHIELD creates a unidirectional HEPA-filtered airflow of better than ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air cleanliness conditions within a positive pressure chamber to provide superior sterility and to minimize cross-contamination.

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• Full-ceiling, front-loading HEPA supply filter is 99.99% efficient; provides better than ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air within the pass-through and main working chambers.
• Unidirectional downward airflow purges airborne particulates from the work area.
• Stainless steel air diffuser in the main chamber and passthrough provides unidirectional airflow and protects the HEPA filter.
• The filter configuration creates internal unidirectional airflow from top to bottom that sweeps particulates from work area. The filter cross section covers 100% of the work area.
• The unique plenum apportions and distributes air across, then through the HEPA supply filter, improving downflow uniformity, extending useful filter life and reducing noise.
• The filter mount provides a direct seal of the filter to the plenum and simplifies filter replacement.
• The outer pass-through door is constructed of clear-view shatterproof acrylic plastic and opens with a left-hand swing. (SterilSHIELD 800 has doors on both ends; the left door swings left and the right door swings right.)
• A convenient lift-up sash opens to 8″ to permit quick transfer of small items without opening the door.
• The outer door seals against peripheral gaskets to maintain internal positive pressure. The internal pass-through door lifts vertically for maximum use of space and permits easy transfer of materials in or out of the positive pressure work area.

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Model Configurations

53 3⁄4" x 33 1/4" x 59 11/16", 65 3⁄4" x 33 1/4" x 59 11/16", 77 3⁄4" x 33 1/4" x 59 11/16", 110 1⁄2" x 33 1/4" x 59 11/16"

36 Month