Gruenberg Multi-Truck Steri-Dry™ Sterilizer

Unleash the potency of sterilization with the groundbreaking Gruenberg Multi-Truck Steri-Dry™ Sterilizer. This cutting-edge sterilization tool is designed to fulfill the requirements of laboratory science applications, bringing superior dry heat sterilization right to your laboratory. With a chamber size ranging from 96 to 362 cubic feet and a maximum temperature spectrum of 400°F, it provides a high-performing, energy-conscious solution to your sterilization difficulties.

Equipped with meticulously designed PRECISIONFLO® Full Focused Airflow and HEPA Filters, the Steri-Dry™ sterilizer guarantees the ultimate in sterilization accuracy. The incorporation of a multifunction programmable controller, color touchscreen, and real-time data with recipe setup and storage, all SCADA compliant, takes your sterilization procedure to unmatched levels of productivity and control.


Product Highlights and Benefits
• Minimal infrastructure needed
• No requirement for pit, steam, water, drain, condensate return
• No building fortification to support weight
• Significantly reduced energy consumption per cycle
• 80%+ rejected heat
• No equipment degradation
• Bare minimum to zero construction for installation
• Energy-efficient electrical heating system
• Intuitive controls
• Precision Sterilization: Featuring PRECISIONFLO® Full Focused Airflow for consistent heat distribution and HEPA Filters for advanced air filtration.
• Versatile and Adaptable: Offers proof of concept, prototype development, and production refinement with custom process controls.
• Sophisticated Control: Includes a multifunction programmable controller with a color touchscreen for easy usage and real-time data interpretation.
• Eco-Friendly Operation: Uses forced-air convection technology, using less energy and water, thereby minimizing your lab’s environmental impact.
• Verified Sterilization Cycles: Delivers assured outcomes for laboratory science applications.
• Cost-Efficient: Presents a lower total cost of ownership, with reduced operating costs and an energy-saving electrical heating system.
• Space-Saving Design: Requires 50% less space than an autoclave, making it suitable for labs with space constraints.
• Biosafety Compliant: Compliant with Biosafety Level 2 & 3 designs.
• Worldwide Installation: A dependable option trusted by laboratories globally.