Hettich MIKRO 220 Microliter Centrifuge

The Hettich MIKRO 220 microliter centrifuge series offers large capacities and performance for high-throughput laboratories. The MIKRO 220 can run up to 48 microliter tubes per run and reaches a maximum RCF of 31,514 x G within a compact footprint. It Also supports standard tubes up to 50 mL. The MIKRO 220 R is available with a robust temperature control system for sensitive samples. Ideal for molecular biology applications, including PCR, DNA, and RNA. There are maximum capacities of 60 microliter tubes, 12 x 5 mL conicals, 6 x 8 PCR strips, 20 cryotubes, 6 x 15 mL tubes, and 6 x 50 mL round-bottom tubes.

Rotor Packages


• 24-place 90° swing-out microliter rotor
• High RCF, high-throughput and highly versatile for time saving performance
• Robust and quick temperature control saving time and energy
• Programmable for easy recall of application parameters limiting user error
• Low cost alternative for Lipemic samples
• All-metal containment
• Quiet operation
• Non-refrigerated
• Exchangeable rotors
• Convenient application packages for microliter tubes, microliter strips, cryotubes, and cell cultures are available
• Includes everything you need to perform your application: centrifuge, rotor, adapters, and lids, where applicable
• Made in Germany, Supported in North America
• All Hettich centrifuges have a 5-year warranty

• Max. Capacity: 48/60 x 1.5 – 2.0 ml
• Max. RPM / RCF: 18,000 / 31,514
• Max. Blood Tubes*: 12 (up to 10 ml)
• Max. Conical Tubes*: 6/3 (15/50 ml)
• Temperature Control: Ambient
• Dims (H x W x D): 12 x 13 x 16.5 in.
• Warranty†: 5 yr.

Warranty: 5 yr.

Warranty valid in U.S. and Canada only, see warranty statement for complete details.