L-2000 Bedding-Resistant Drinking Valve

SE Lab Group Inc pioneered the animal watering industry in 1989 when they introduced the cage-mounted drinking valve. The valve is one of the most critical components of an automated water system as it needs to perform consistently to keep animals healthy. A valve should provide reliable operation at a wide range of pressures without flooding animal caging. The L-2000 is the only bedding-resistant watering valve in the industry, giving peace of mind and saving maintenance time.


• The L-2000 valve is autoclavable and works from .5 to 20 psi.
• A spring-loaded stem will not experience spontaneous leaking due to pressure fluctuations in your distribution system.
• The low-pressure capability allows the drinker to work under micro pressure or gravity.
• A carboy can be placed on the rack to supply emergency water.