Mopec CF Series Embalming Sinks

The CF- Series Embalming equipment consists of two distinct pieces of equipment; the Embalming
sink and the Embalming cart. The embalming sink contains all the facilities connections utilized
during the embalming process with the exception of the embalming pump. The Embalming cart is
the method of supporting the body and most importantly is utilized to ventilate the body during the
embalming process. The cart is designed with what is known as an open plenum ventilation system
and is provided on both sides of the body.

The Embalming Sink incorporates all the necessary features for full body embalming. The sink
includes a hot and cold water fixture with a hydro-aspirator that is conveniently located to aspirate
any fluids from the body in preparation for embalming. A body rinse fixture is provided for the
cleaning and rinsing process during the final stages of body embalming. Heavy-duty grid plates are
utilized to support the embalming machine. The drain surface below the grid plates are tilted toward
the large sink, which includes a perimeter rinse. The perimeter rinse prevents fluids from
accumulating anywhere on the surface.

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