Mopec Histology & IHC Control Slides for TMA and Normal Human Tissue

Mopec offers a comprehensive range of control slides designed to meet the stringent quality control needs of histopathology and immunopathology labs. Our control slides ensure accurate, reliable results in diagnostic tests and research applications. Each type of control slide is meticulously prepared using Mopec IHC Enhanced Hydrophilic Adhesive Slides with Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) human tissue, providing the highest level of precision and consistency.

IHC Control Slides
Mopec IHC Control Slides ensure the accuracy of immunohistochemistry staining protocols. Available in boxes of 25 and 100, these slides use FFPE human tissue and are crucial for assessing staining protocol accuracy and detecting background staining. They help researchers verify staining specificity, avoiding false-positive or false-negative results, essential for reliable outcomes in research and diagnostics.

Normal Human Tissue Control Slides
Mopec’s Normal Human Tissue Control Slides, available in boxes of 25 and 100, use FFPE human tissue. These slides are vital for maintaining diagnostic test accuracy and reliability, detecting staining process issues, and ensuring accurate results in histopathology and immunopathology.

TMA Control Slides
Mopec’s Tissue Microarray (TMA) Control Slides, available in boxes of 25, use FFPE human tissue to analyze multiple tissue samples on a single slide. Each slide contains various specimens for comparative histological studies, enhancing efficiency in pathology research.


Different: types of control slides available

Histology Special Stain Control Slides:
• Used to visualize specific cellular components and tissues that routine staining techniques cannot effectively highlight.
• Available in boxes of 10, 20, and 100.
• Utilize Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) human tissue.

IHC (Immunohistochemistry) Control Slides:
• Essential for assessing the accuracy of the staining protocol and detecting background staining.
• Available in boxes of 25 and 100.
• Help verify the specificity of the staining to the target protein.

Normal Human Tissue Control Slides:
• Ensure the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests involving human tissue.
• Available in various tissue types, such as small intestine.
• Available in boxes of 25 and 100, using FFPE human tissue.

TMA (Tissue Microarray) Control Slides:
• Used to analyze multiple tissue samples on one slide, often containing different specimens or the same tissue type with different behaviors.
• Available in boxes of 25.
• Enable concurrent examination of multiple samples.