Mopec HA200 Creased Top Dissection Table

The HA200 Dissecting Table is designed for the dissection of cadavers and includes a sloped edge top which eliminates the need for a body tray. Built with a positive slope the table drains toward one end into a drain pail which is neatly suspended under the frame. A PVC Stop valve and hose is located under the drain to stop the flow of fluids while emptying the optional bucket. A full length tray runs the length of the table.

General Options


• 78” L x 27” W
• Sloped top height: 36” – 35”
• Weight capacity: Approximately 350 lbs
• All stainless steel construction
• Creased non-removable top
• Built-in tapered slope
• Includes drain hole PVC drain valve
• Four heavy duty 5” casters with (3) total lock and (1) directional lock
• (4) Post sockets included

• 78” L x 27” W
• Sloped top height: 36” – 35”