Mopec OA100 Series Animal Necropsy and Trimming Table – Rectangular Large Animal with Lift

The OA Series lift tables are designed for necropsy procedures of larger animals that can handle a central load of 5000lbs and an off-center load of 2500lbs. The lift tables have a marine edge to help with fluid containment and a drain hole with a screen that can be removed to collect debris. The units have a hydraulic scissor lift and hydraulic pump, are available in a rectangular shape or kidney shape, and come with or without casters.



Standard Features:
• The table top is constructed of dual 11ga. type 304 stainless steel sheet metal with a #4 satin finish
• Heavy duty stainless steel top-1″ recessed marine edge
• Designed to handle a centralized load up to 2,000 pounds
• Safety skirting
• Scissor and frame (steel with epoxy finish)
• Drain funnel with removable mesh screen
• Hydraulic lift system with hand held switch
• Other load capacities are available
• The scissor lift is fabricated for heavy duty use utilizing Heavy-duty welded structural steel. The base frame and top frame are fabricated of 3 inch channel steel with a 1/4 inch thick wall for the guide members and 3 inch angle with 1/4 inch thick wall for the end plates.
• The hydraulic system consists of a directly-coupled motor and pump combination, oil reservoir, solenoid operated lowering valve and necessary piping.

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Rectangular table top, Floor mounted, Rectangular table top, Caster mounted, Kidney Shaped table top, Floor Mounted, Kidney Shaped table top, Caster mounted

• Dimensions: 84″ long x 48″ wide x 42″ elevating height-36″ standard travel
• Capacity: 2500 – 5000 pounds