Mopec Pathcam Gross Imaging System

The Mopec PathCam Gross Imaging System provides everything you need to add image capturing to your grossing process without disrupting your workflow. Mopec PathCam comes with three baseline software packages to choose from, the ability to integrate with most existing hardware, and a variety of available add-ons.


• 20 MP Quality Imaging
• Auto Focus
• 10x Optical Zoom
• 12x Digital Zoom
• Digital Output: Frames/Sec
1920 x 1080p @ 25,30,50,60
1920 x 1080i @ 50,60
1280 x 720p @ 25,30,50,60
• Max Fof V 28” x 36” and Min Fof V.185” x 1.85”

• 12V DC
• (7V to 15VDC)
• -20C ~ 60C

• PathCam with cables, mounted on light, wall, or stand
• Conversion Box: to send camera signal to computer and monitor
• Individual/multi-video view and record system integration
• Mounting options*: surgical light, wall, and/or on side cart
• Measure distances and area in Snapshots
• Grid tool: size biopsies and map structure location
• Create system folders/files
• Record independent voice narration
• Record video files with or without voice narration
• 2.25” diameter/4.50” length
• Approximately 375 g
• Windows 10 open architecture
• Barcode reader compatible
• Folders/files transferable to any OS system or network
• Works with any Windows word processor or spreadsheet App.
• Snapshots archived as JPEG’s
• Voice narrations archived as WAV’s
• Video recordings archived as AVI’s
• Videoconference compatible with 3rd party webinar software

Additional information


Basic Software Package, Intermediate Software Package, Advanced Software Package