Mopec Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier

Navigate and load with ease using the JA800s self-propelled movement and hydraulic lift system. Elevate bed height with the JA800’s pedal controlled hydraulic lift system. The powered 5th wheel provides center pivot 360-degree rotation. The removable false frame and heavy-duty cover provide discretion when transporting bodies through the hospital environment. The total wheel lock system makes navigating and securing the carrier easy. By locking one wheel in a parallel configuration, the cart easily navigates hallways and elevators


• All stainless steel top
• Twin pedestal hydraulics for easy foot activated elevation
• Four heavy duty 8” casters with total lock
• Bumper guards
• Removable aluminum false frame (JA610) with white opaque cover (JZ005)

• Weight capacity: Approximately 700 lbs

Range of motion:
• Elevates from 22” – 34.75” (carrier only)
• Elevates from 38” – 50.75” (with false frame)
• Powered 5th wheel provides center pivot point for 360-degree rotation

• Brake lever on both sides and one on end
• Elevating pedals on both sides
• Twin power grips on one end for self-propelled movement

• Integrated hospital grade line cord for charging
• Requires access to 110V hospital grade power outlet

• 81” L x 30” W
• Approximate weight: 403.5 lbs