Napa Nectar™ Gel Hydration System

Napa Nectar is an excellent watering solution when traditional methods are not an option or unavailable. The versatile gel packs are used for shipping, quarantine areas, bio-containment suites, and disaster planning. Each 8-ounce gel packs provide a 7-day water supply for up to 5 adult mice. Moreover, all ingredients are USDA approved, and the water content is 99.35% by volume. Napa Nectar gel packs have a shelf life of 24 months in a non-refrigerated environment.


• Packaged in a disposable inert poly pouch
• Ideal for shipping
• Disaster planning
• Alternative to water bottles, place in a wire bar top or on the floor of the cage
• Biocontainment suites
• USDA approved ingredients
• Moisture content 99.35% by volume
• Non-refrigerated shelf life of 24 months
• Slice the pack place inside the cage or shipping container
• Readily accepted by animals
• Napa Nectar Plus with “fenbendazole” for treatment of pinworms is also available
• Analysis available upon request

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