Miele PG 8504 208V Undercounter laboratory glassware washer

PG 8504 – Undercounter Laboratory glassware washer
with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.

Chemical & Cleaning Agents

All accessories are sold seperately


Glassware washer with powder dispensing & DI water supply. Perf./cycle, e.g., 64 narrow-neck/lab glassware w/ injectors Efficient use of resources – variable speed heater pump Dispense process chemicals easily: Powder dispenser in the door With DI water connection – final rinse with demineralized water Crevice-free wash cabinet: The entirely new wash cabinet sets new standards in hygiene. The wash cabinet is seamlessly welded using laser technology and its smooth joints protect the chamber from the built-up of dirt deposits. An additional level of hygiene is achieved by installing the heating elements outside the wash cabinet. Baskets, accessories and cleaning agents are additional and not included.

• 3 AC, 208V, 60Hz; Fuse 3 x 20A; Convertible to: 2 AC 208V, 60Hz
• Total rated load: 6.2 kW
• Heater: 5.4 kW

• 1x cold water (CW)
• 1x de-mineralised water (AD)
• 1 drain hose connection

• 1 dispenser for powder detergent
• 1 connection for DOS K 85 or DOS K 85/1 liquid dispensers

External dimensions:
• Net height in inches: 32 7/8 (835 mm)
• Net width in inches: 23 5/8 (600 mm)
• Net depth in inches: 23 5/8 (600 mm)

1 year manufacturing warranty, option to purchase extended warranty