Miele PG 8593 208V Undercounter laboratory glassware washer

PG 8593 – Undercounter Laboratory glassware washer
with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.

Chemical & Cleaning Agents

All accessories are sold seperately


Glassware washer with liquid dispensing, DI water & DryPlus function. Perf./cycle, e.g., 128 laboratory flasks Efficient use of resources – variable speed heater pump Safety – Wash pressure, spray arm and conductivity monitoring Efficient hot air drying – DryPlus Conductivity monitoring: Residues from chemical agents during the final rinse phase can compromise the reprocessing result. Conductivity monitoring of the wash water facilitates the detection of such residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing. This means that the reprocessing is more reliable, more resource-friendly and also reproducible. PG 8593 Laboratory Glassware washer is available with the ACT Label. The ACT label, also known as the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) criteria, ensures that products carrying the label are safe and sustainable.Baskets, accessories and cleaning agents are additional and not included.

• 3 AC, 208V, 60Hz; Fuse 3 x 20A; Convertible to: 2 AC 208V, 60Hz
• Total rated load: 6.2 kW
• Heater: 5.4 kW

• 1x cold water (CW)
• 1x cold water for steam condenser
• 1x de-mineralised water (AD)
• 1x hot water (HW);
• 1 drain hose connection

• 1 connection for DOS K 85 or DOS K 85/1 liquid dispensers
• 1 dispenser pump for neutralising agent
External dimensions:
• Net height in inches: 32 7/8 (835 mm)
• Net width in inches: 23 5/8 (600 mm)
• Net depth in inches: 23 5/8 (600 mm)

1 year manufacturing warranty, option to purchase extended warranty