Steelco AV Series Pharma Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizers

Introducing the Steelco AV Series Pharmaceutical Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizers, the ultimate solution for eliminating viable infectious agents such as viruses and bacterial spores from your equipment. With over thirty years of experience in the field, Steelco Group is proud to offer a diverse range of saturated steam sterilizers tailored to meet the demands of various applications, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and safety for your processes.

Each AV Series unit is built to a high standard and customized according to the customer’s specifications, ensuring an ideal solution for sterilizing a wide range of materials including vials, bottles, glass items, fabric materials, sealed or vented containers, rubber parts, machine parts, and filters. With chamber volumes ranging from 195 to 10,000 liters (7 to 353 cu ft) and multiple dimensions available, the AV Series steam sterilizers provide high performance, reliability, and ease of use. The sterilization cycle is specifically designed to minimize time and energy consumption while maximizing efficiency and throughput.

Trust in the AV Series of saturated steam sterilizers, which are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented in accordance with the latest global practices and standards. This ensures effortless compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), providing peace of mind and confidence in the quality and safety of your sterilization processes.


• Ultimate sterilization solution: Eliminates viruses and bacterial spores from equipment
• Over 30 years of experience: Steelco Group offers diverse, tailored sterilizers for various applications
• Custom-built AV Series units: High standard and adaptable to customer specifications
• Versatile sterilization: Ideal for vials, bottles, glass items, fabrics, containers, rubber parts, machine parts, and filters
• Wide chamber volume range: 195 to 10,000 liters (7 to 353 cu ft) with multiple dimensions available
• High performance, reliability, and ease of use: Designed for maximum efficiency and throughput
• Time and energy-saving sterilization cycle: Minimizes consumption while maximizing results
• Compliance with cGMPs: Designed, manufactured, validated, and documented to global practices and standards
• Unique “Dove Tail” door gasket: Single piece of silicone rubber, pneumatically pressurized for a secure seal
• Safe applications: Unloading door compatible with HPV generator or isolation technology
• Heating efficacy: Ceramic insulation and stainless steel cladding for even, fast heating and reduced cycle times
• Environmental sustainability: Optimized for energy-saving and low wastage, with drain cooling system available
• Remote assistance: On-board VPN router for remote connection, reducing support costs and improving uptime
• Easy testing: Front loading side features connection ports for effortless validation testing