SychemWASTE Animal Bedding Disposal Station

SychemWASTE is the ideal bedding disposal station for your life sciences research facility, offering universal cage compatibility, optimized workflow, and unrivaled cleanability. The large and open work area allows for easy emptying of rodent cages of various shapes and sizes while preventing the escape of dust, dander, and allergens. The sliding work surface allows you to break down complete cages within the station’s safe working environment, streamlining your bedding disposal process.

The unit’s spacious work surface provides ample room to safely work with various cages, optimizing workflow and efficiency. SychemWASTE is easy to set up on-site, utilizing a standard interchangeable mains plug and locking castor wheels, making it a breeze to install, even by non-technical personnel. Supplied with a single chute, sliding tabletop, scraper, bin, and trolley, SychemWASTE is supplied with everything needed for easy setup and operation.

SychemWASTE is designed with user protection in mind, featuring Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology to extend protection to users when tying off and removing waste bins. The station’s triple-stage filtration process guarantees user protection by drawing air and potential allergens away from the user, preventing exposure. With unrivaled cleanability, easily removable doors and sides facilitate easy access and a simple cleaning procedure, while the rack washable work surface and waste chute allow for ease of cleaning. The fully removable work area components make maintenance and cleaning a breeze, making SychemWASTE the most accessible waste station on the market.

Choose SychemWASTE for a reliable and efficient bedding disposal solution that prioritizes user protection, cleanability, and optimized workflow, with universal cage compatibility to meet all your research facility’s needs.


• Universal cage compatibility for easy emptying of various rodent cages
• Large and open work area to prevent dust, dander, and allergens from escaping
• Sliding work surface to break down complete cages within the station’s safe working environment
• Optimized workflow for efficient and safe operation
• Triple-stage filtration for user protection and removal of allergens, dust, and dander
• Unrivaled cleanability with easily removable doors and sides, rack washable work surface, and waste chute
• Fully removable work area components for easy maintenance and cleaning
• Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology for protection when tying off and removing waste bins
• Standard interchangeable mains plug and locking castor wheels for easy on-site setup
• Supplied with single chute, sliding tabletop, scraper, bin, and trolley for convenient operation