Baker EdgeGARD® HF Space Saver Clean Bench

With a brightly illuminated, spacious work area and unique high-velocity air return slots, the EdgeGARD® HF offers superior user comfort, product protection and productivity.

Equipped with a HEPA supply air filter and redesigned diffuser, the increased laminar airflow provides a greater workable area and a particulate-free work surface.

The patented cabinet design of the EdgeGARD® HF provides precise control of airflow volumes and velocities, thereby maximizing product protection and ensuring ISO Class 4 (Class 10)* cleanliness in the work area.



Energy-efficient and comfortable cabinets that help you make the world a better place.

  • Industry’s most durable and reliable cabinet means lower life-cycle costs and years of trouble-free operation.
  • Multiple energy-saving features equal significant ongoing cost savings.
  • Continuously safe work environment with self-adjusting motor technology.
  • Comfortable user experience with low noise and heat generation.
  • Enhanced productivity with ReadySAFE™ low-flow mode.
  • Extended filter life means less user downtime and lower operational costs.
  • Easier, faster maintenance.

SAFETY: always our top priority, safety is assured through a variety of features, including an audible and visual sash alarm system, power/processor fault alarm and an exclusive cable port to keep cables and tubing out of the way for proper viewscreen closure.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: from the motor controller to the lighting, new patent-pending innovations provide significant annual cost savings while maintaining superior performance.

CONTAINMENT: maximum protection is achieved through six technologies working in concert: our exclusive momentum air curtain, high-velocity return air slots, aerodynamically designed airfoil, optimized downflow, and unique air bypass armrest.

COMFORT: with eight thoughtful features, from the viewscreen to the work environment and ergonomic design.

EASE OF USE: packed with convenient features and the largest, unobstructed, usable work area in the industry, there’s plenty of room for lab equipment and less hassle when managing controls.

CLEANING: an exceptionally reliable membrane-sealed control panel, and a one-piece work surface/air intake grille featuring radiused, coved corners instead of seams, allows for easy and effective cleaning.

SERVICE AND CERTIFICATION: with an innovative electronic controller that provides diagnostic LEDs, detachable side panels, front-loading filters, and uniform downflow air, maintenance is quicker and easier.

• Electrical 115V, AC
• Amps: 11.2
• Required Breaker: 15 amps
• Net Weight / Ship Weight: 200 / 325 lbs
• Filter Size: 24″ x 24″ x 6″

36 Month