Baker EdgeGARD® VF Vertical-Flow Recirculating Clean Bench

Unlike conventional horizontal flow clean benches, the EdgeGARD® VF provides vertical, uni-directional and controlled airflow over the entire work surface, while reducing energy consumption, noise and airflow turbulence.
Recognized as the industry’s most reliable clean bench, this extension of Baker’s EdgeGARD® brand provides lower life-cycle costs and years of trouble-free operation.



• Microbiologically challenged for product protection in accordance with NSF International 49.
• Exclusive high-velocity momentum air curtain to help ensure product protection without restricting access.
• One-piece stainless steel work surface helps prevent surface contamination.
• Designed for serviceability – includes access panels for all electrical components, while the primary HEPA supply filter is removed through the front plenum area.
• An additional pre-filter (only available on the AGVF models) below work surface helps capture large particles and prolongs HEPA filter life.
• 14″ high access opening accommodates a variety of application and instrument needs, and offers a wide work area for multiple users. 20″ and 24 1/2″ options are available.
• Fits through standard doorways and down laboratory aisles.
• Easy to move and manoever when configured with mobile stand, casters and pull bars.
• Hinged viewscreen opens to 30 3⁄8″ allowing access to work area.

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Model Configurations

53 1/2” x 32” x [89 1/16” – 97 9/16”], 65 1/2” x 32” x [89 1/16” – 97 9/16”], 77 1/2” x 32” x [89 1/16” – 97 9/16”]

36 Month