Haier Smart Series 95L Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Haier Biomedical Liquid Nitrogen Storage Systems are designed to provide maximum sample protection while minimizing liquid nitrogen loss. Units have a built-in real-time monitor that displays both the liquid level and temperature. Alarms can be transmitted electronically by several methods to lab personnel or stored in the cloud with Haier’s IoT platform storage. Data stored in the cloud is traceable and stored permanently. Finally, these containers are lightweight and designed to have a minimal footprint relative to sample storage capabilities.

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• Updated Design
• Compatible with Blood Bag Storage
• IoT and Cloud Management
• Multiple Level of Protections
• Temperature and Level Display
• Color identification for rack handles
• Dual handles
• 5 year vacuum warranty
• High thermal efficiency
• Ultra-low LN2 evaporation loss
• Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
• Heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security
• Roller bases available
• Temperature monitoring available

Maximum Storage Volume
• No. of Rack: 6
• 2ml Storage Vials (100/box): 3000
• Layers in Rack: 5
• 5ml Storage Vials (81/box): 972
• Layers in Rack: 2
• Liquid Nitrogen Volume (L): 95
• Static Evaporation Rate* (%/d): 0.90
• Static Holding Time** (Day): 105
• Neck Opening (mm): 216
• Overall Height (mm): 774
• Overall Diameter (mm): 681
• Empty Weight (kg): 42.5
• Full Weight (kg): 112.3
• Shipping Weight (kg): 67.9
* Static evaporation and static holding time are theoretical values. Actual evaporation and holding time are affected by usage, atmospheric conditions and
** Static Holding Time: the amount of days it takes for all of the LN to evaporate out after container is filled with liquid nitrogen to pre-cool and reach thermal equilibrium and the liquid nitrogen filling rate reaches 100% under standard atmospheric condition.

5 year vacuum warranty