KUBTEC XPERT® 80 Cabinet X-ray System

The KUBTEC® XPERT® 80 cabinet X-ray system delivers high-resolution X-ray imaging in a single mobile platform. The system is especially suited for a wide range of applications in life sciences, forensics, non-destructive testing, and agriculture. It also has an integrated high-definition optical camera allowing for side-by-side X-ray and optical image comparison. The unit comes on wheels with an adjustable screen and a keyboard and mouse that can be folded up to save space. Finally, the 90 kV source provides clear resolution up to 5 microns.


• Exceptionally sharp X-ray images for every application
• Microfocus X-ray imaging up to 90 kV source for maximum clarity and detail
• CMOS digital detector available sizes: 5” x 6” (13 x 15 cm) and 10” x 12” (25 x 30 cm)
• The Image Blender™ combines X-ray and optical image for a unique view of your region of interest
• Simple to use, fully shielded no specialized training required
• Simple one button operation
• Benchtop model available

• Size w/Cart (W × D x H): 30” x 25” x 62” (76 X 64 x 157 cm)
• Optical Camera: Included
• Detector Size: 5”x 6” or 10”x 12” (13 x 15 cm or 25 x 30 cm)
• Image Blender: Included
• Magnification: Up to 3.5x