Miele ProCare Lab Detergents for Glassware Washers

Introducing ProCare Lab by Miele Professional, the cutting-edge cleaning and neutralizing agents meticulously designed to complement our high-quality washing technology. Experience a new era of cleaning with ProCare Lab, where thorough and gentle process cycles meet efficiency and speed. Our scientifically tested and proven formula ensures a perfect match with Miele Professional’s high-performance lab washers, delivering unparalleled cleaning results, outstanding rinsing properties, and economical dispensing concentration. Whether you’re dealing with delicate glassware or robust laboratory equipment, ProCare Lab’s wide range of powder and liquid detergents, color-coded to prevent confusion, guarantees fast and error-free reprocessing.



• Thorough Cleaning: ProCare Lab ensures excellent cleaning results, providing the best possible protection for the items being reprocessed.
• Gentle on Materials: Specially formulated to be gentle on high-quality laboratory glassware, minimizing the risk of glass corrosion.
• Economical Usage: Efficient and economical dispensing concentration, making it a cost-effective choice.
• Color Coding: A wide range of detergents, color-coded to prevent mix-ups, ensuring fast and error-free reprocessing.
• Compatibility: Perfectly matched with Miele Professional’s high-performance lab washers for optimal performance.
• Endorsed by Industry Leaders: Recommended by leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware, including Duran Wheaton Kimble.
• Wide Application Range: Suitable for various applications, with a wide range of powder and liquid detergents available.
• Quick Availability: Ensures that laboratory items are quickly available again for the next analysis task.
• Quality Assurance: Underwent wide-ranging laboratory tests during development to meet the highest standards.
• Long Service Life: Ensures a long service life for laboratory glassware with its outstanding chemical properties.

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