Steelco Decontamination Lock for Biomedical Research Multiple Decontamination Method Chamber

Introducing the Steelco Decontamination Lock – a comprehensive, validated solution for decontaminating heat-sensitive equipment like electronic devices before introducing them into your facility. Our Decontamination Lock is available in single door or double door pass-through versions, and you can choose between a full glass or stainless steel door with a glass window.

Our access doors come equipped with integral inflatable gaskets, ensuring that the chamber remains tight during decontamination cycles, making it perfect for SPF barrier facilities. The Decontamination Lock can perform decontamination cycles using an onboard hydrogen peroxide vapor generator or by connecting to an external generator from different vendors, allowing you to choose the most appropriate process for your needs.

The Steelco Decontamination Lock can also be connected to a chlorine dioxide generator as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide. Our decontamination process involves the distribution of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 in the chamber as vapor, which has a homogeneous diffusion, even in the most hidden interstices thanks to a dedicated ventilation system. This principle of vaporization/condensation ensures that the H2O2 concentration is high, making it highly effective in decontaminating surfaces. Our low-temperature treatment guarantees that the decontamination reaches the sterility assurance level (SAL) values equal to 10−6.

The device is controlled by a PLC digital controller, ensuring full control of the process. The user-friendly color touch screen HMI makes it easy to operate the Decontamination Lock, making the process of decontaminating your equipment quick and easy.

With the Steelco Decontamination Lock, you can rest assured that your heat-sensitive equipment will be thoroughly decontaminated before entering your facility. Choose from our single or double door pass-through versions with full glass or stainless steel door with a glass window to suit your needs. Trust Steelco Decontamination Lock for efficient and reliable equipment decontamination.


• Chamber made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability.
• Suitable for any type of existing Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Generator, making it easy to use with your existing equipment.
• Industrial PLC with Touch Screen HMI and USB port, making it easy to operate and integrate into your existing system.
• Available in single or double door pass-through versions with full glass or stainless steel door versions with a glass window.
• Access doors equipped with two independent integral inflatable gaskets, ensuring tightness during the decontamination cycle, making it perfect for use in SPF barrier facilities.
• Multiple decontamination methods available, including onboard hydrogen peroxide vapor generator, external generator, and chlorine dioxide generator.
• Steelco D-PRO onboard hydrogen peroxide vapor generator system, fully integrated into the technical area, ensuring a fast and safe decontamination process.
• Fast and safe aeration phase to reduce the concentration of H2O2 below the permitted set point after decontamination cycle.
• Socket installed in the chamber, allowing for the power supply of changing stations or IVC air handling units during the cycle.
• Comprehensive, validated solution for the decontamination of heat-sensitive equipment, ensuring that your equipment is thoroughly decontaminated before entering your facility.