Steelco LC 80 High-Capacity Trolley Washer Disinfector

Introducing the LC 80, a high-capacity washer-disinfector designed for the thorough treatment of instrument containers, lids, plastic crates, basins, surgical instruments, case carts, transport, storage, waste trolleys, and other bulky items using dedicated racks. The LC 80 delivers exceptional cleaning and disinfection performance by combining high flow recirculation pumps and high-speed blowers for forced air drying, resulting in short cycle times and high throughput.

Choose from a range of door options, including a full visibility double HST glass sliding door or a stainless steel hinged door. The LC 80 is available in single door or double door pass-through versions, with the latter being ideal for barrier installations to minimize cross-contamination between dirty and clean areas. Customize the LC 80 Trolley Washer Disinfector to suit your specific needs by selecting from two different chamber depths: 2250 mm (88.58″) or 3000 mm (118.11″). A PLC microprocessor and user-friendly HMI enable operators to refine the process and personalize washing and disinfection programs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for your facility.


• Environmental Sustainability: The LC 80 features an efficient recovery system that saves water, energy, and chemicals. With the option to install additional water and energy recovery systems, this washer-disinfector maximizes its capabilities for sustainable operation.
• Optimal Cleaning: Multiple horizontal oscillating pipes with spraying nozzles on each side of the washing chamber ensure comprehensive wash surface coverage for thorough cleaning.
• Effective Thermal Disinfection: The LC 80 achieves thermal disinfection by raising the temperature to 93°C/200°F and maintaining it for a programmable time, or by directly setting the desired A0 value.
• Smart Filtering System: A three-level water filtration system captures residues during the washing filter’s recirculation, thanks to a flush self-cleaning final filter that prevents clogging and protects the recirculation point.
• Drying Efficacy: The built-in HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system ensures complete internal and external drying of all glassware, with adjustable time and temperature settings for optimizing cycle duration and energy consumption.
• Traceability: A USB port printer connection enables machine data backup, while remote monitoring and data management are available with the optional SteelcoData traceability software.