Steelco TW 3000 Multichamber Multi Chamber Washer Disinfector

Introducing the TW 3000, a fully automatic multi-chamber tunnel washer-disinfector system designed to streamline the reprocessing of medical devices in high-demand environments. With its space-saving motorized sliding-up glass door, this innovative system can process up to 18 DIN 1/1 net trays per cycle. Independent chambers enable simultaneous processing of multiple cycles, significantly improving throughput and enhancing overall efficiency. The TW 3000’s modular design allows for customization by combining modules for pre-washing, ultrasonic washing, washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection, and HEPA filtered hot air drying functions tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to its impressive capacity and adaptability, the TW 3000 features an automatic loading/unloading conveyor system for seamless operation. This advanced tunnel washer-disinfector is also compatible with Steelco’s ATS (Automatic Transfer System), further enhancing the efficiency and automation of your processing department. Invest in the future of medical device reprocessing with the TW 3000 – a cutting-edge, multi-chamber system designed to meet the demands of high-volume facilities while maximizing space and productivity.


• High Capacity Processing: Efficiently handles up to 18 DIN 1/1 net trays per cycle, meeting the demands of high-volume facilities.
• Independent Chambers: Simultaneous processing of multiple cycles improves throughput and overall efficiency.
• Space-Saving Design: Motorized sliding-up glass door optimizes space in your facility.
• Modular Configuration: Customize your system by combining modules for pre-washing, ultrasonic washing, washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection, and HEPA filtered hot air drying.
• Seamless Operation: Automatic loading/unloading conveyor system ensures smooth and efficient workflow.
• Steelco ATS Compatibility: Integrates with Steelco’s Automatic Transfer System for enhanced automation and efficiency.
• Smart Filtering System: Triple water filtering system captures residue, prevents re-circulation, and extends pump life.
• Easy Maintenance: Dedicated, fully sealed inspection windows in each module facilitate routine cleaning and maintenance.
• Optional Ultrasonic Treatment: Equip your system with an ultrasonic module for automatic treatment of loads, with the option to bypass the module when not needed.
• Effective Drying: HEPA 14 filtered forced hot air injection and rotating washing trolley arms ensure excellent drying results.