Steelco VS L – Small & Medium Capacity Steam Sterilizers – Chamber Volume from 110 to 920L / 4 to 32 cu ft

Introducing the VS L Series – Small & Medium Capacity Steam Sterilizers with a chamber volume ranging from 110 to 920 liters / 4 to 32 cu ft. This series provides a full range of devices developed to offer the perfect solution for laboratory departments of all sizes, from small facilities to the largest research facilities. With up to 11 standard chamber sizes, the VS L sterilizers are engineered to sterilize heat-resistant and moisture-stable materials, including metal parts, sealed or vented containers, porous loads, and more.

Designed for efficiency, the VS L sterilizers are engineered to offer best-in-class solutions that reduce energy and water consumption, ensuring low operating costs per load. Advanced Eco Options provide unrivaled efficiency levels, reducing water consumption to nearly zero, depending on the chosen model and options.

All Steelco VS L steam sterilizers are crafted with high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel pressure vessels, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. These sterilizers are available in single or double door versions, manual or automatically actuated, with swing or vertical sliding doors. The industrial-grade PLC digital controllers with user-friendly color touch screen HMI make it easy to operate and program.

Choose the VS L Series for an efficient and reliable sterilization solution that meets the needs of laboratories of all sizes. With its advanced technology, high-quality design, and user-friendly features, the VS L series is an excellent investment for any modern laboratory seeking optimal sterilization performance.


• AISI 316L stainless steel chamber with high-efficiency heat transfer full jacket system for even heat distribution
• Doors internally made of stainless steel AISI 316L with no welding
• Heat insulation with durable reusable cover for fast service maintenance at a lower cost
• ECO cool down water-saving system included as standard
• Vacuum pump or water ejector
• Load control probe included as standard
• Color touch screen HMI with multi-level user access system
• Built-in printer for process recording
• Non-proprietary widely available durable spare parts
• Pressure vessel and relief valves are PED or ASME marked or according to the directives of the country of destination.
Additional features:
• Advanced Eco Option – Steelco’s range of high-end solutions to save water and energy
• Flexible Configuration – single and double door pass through, manual hinged or automatic space-saving sliding door
• Effluent Decontamination Feature – for processing contaminated items like biohazardous laboratory waste (BSL-3 and BSL-4)
• Steelco Barrier Solutions – offers different biocontainment barrier solutions, such as air differential seal and bioseal, for BSL laboratory applications.