Flow Sciences ChemoSphere cRABS – Closed Restricted Access Barrier System for Chemo Compounding

Upgrade your chemo compounding process with the Flow Sciences ChemoSphere cRABS, a safe, clean, and cost-effective compounding aseptic containment isolator (C.A.C.I.). Designed to meet USP <797/800>, OSHA, and NIOSH regulations, this cutting-edge barrier system offers aseptic safety, ergonomic modularity, and easy operation, without the need to build a cleanroom. Benefit from the ISO Class 4 (Class 10) stainless steel barrier isolator, featuring negative pressure with alarms and interlock, and enjoy the efficiency of various sizes and options tailored to your needs.

Discover the ChemoSphere cRABS’ exceptional features and specs, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency in chemo compounding operations. With its unidirectional HEPA-filtered airflow, advanced control panel, customizable dimensions, and a range of accessories, this barrier system is a versatile and reliable choice for your pharmaceutical applications.


• USP <797/800>, OSHA, and NIOSH compliant for chemo compounding
• Aseptic, safe, ergonomic, and modular design
• No cleanroom construction required
• ISO Class 4 (Class 10) compliant
• Stainless steel barrier isolator with negative pressure, alarms, and interlock
• Easy to operate, install, and maintain
• Multiple sizes and options available
• Cost-efficient solution
• MERV 8 prefilter and HEPA filters (99.99% DOP at 0.3 μm) for superior air filtration
• Bag-Out System for contaminated HEPA filter removal
• Unidirectional airflow and face velocity of ≥ 40 fpm at 6 inches from filter face
• Advanced control panel with Magnehelic and photohelic differential pressure switch/gauge, audible alarm, and mechanical door interlock system
• Hospital-grade power cord
• Centrifugal fan unit with On/Off and variable speed control switches
• Multiple glove port options and ISO-GCS sterile non-latex chemo-approved gloves
• Compact fluorescent lighting (40W) with On/Off switch
• Durable construction with 316L stainless steel worksurface, 304L stainless steel chamber, and 3/8″ clear polycarbonate panels
• Quiet operation with noise level less than 55 dB
• Transfer chamber options with unidirectional airflow, ISO Class 5 (Class 100) compliance, and customizable length
• Wide range of accessories for customization

• Compliance: USP <797/800>, OSHA, and NIOSH
• Prefilter: MERV 8, 30% or equivalent
• Filter: HEPA filters (99.99% DOP at 0.3 μm), vertical unidirectional flow
• Airflow: Unidirectional, ≥ 400 cfm
• Face Velocity: ≥ 40 fpm at 6 inches from filter face
• Control Panel: Magnehelic and photohelic differential pressure switch/gauge, audible alarm, mechanical door interlock system
• Dimensions: Customizable length (4 or 8 ft), height (6.75 ft), and depth (2.5 ft)
• Electrical Requirements: 115V/60Hz/3A (4 ft model)
• Fan: Centrifugal fan unit, On/Off switch, variable speed control
• Glove Ports: Multiple options, ISO-GCS gloves
• Lighting: Compact fluorescent 40W fixture