Steelco AC 8500 Cage and Rack Washer – Sliding Door

Introducing the AC 8500 Cage and Rack Washer – a heavy-duty washer designed for medium and large-sized biomedical research facilities. Its hydro-spray technology and compact size make it ideal for premises with limited space. The airtight chamber enables it to be used for decontamination purposes, providing optimal washing and decontamination results.

The hydraulic circuit can be configured to suit the unique needs of every customer, with the option of a single process circuit for recirculated wash and rinse phases, or a full wash and rinse circuit separation. The washer features two dosage units, with the option of side heated water tanks to grant high flexibility in cycle development. The user-friendly interface and multiple oscillating spray arms provide excellent wash results in a short cycle time.

In summary, the AC 8500 Cage and Rack Washer is a high-capacity and versatile washer that delivers excellent wash and decontamination results. Its compact size, airtight chamber, and hydraulic circuit configurations make it an ideal choice for facilities seeking to streamline their washing process. With its user-friendly interface and hydro-spray technology, the AC 8500 Cage and Rack Washer is the perfect solution for medium and large-sized biomedical research facilities seeking an efficient and effective washer.


• Environmental Sustainability: Running cost savings of up to 95% compared to conventional designs, including 75% time savings, 95% water savings, and 95% energy savings.
• Flexible Hydraulic Configurations: Hydraulic circuit available with a single process circuit or with a full wash and rinse circuit separation. Additional pre-heating wash tanks can be specified when different chemicals are used or to reduce cycle time.
• Loading/Unloading Solutions: Tailor-made presentation racks for cages and bottles or automatic loading solutions to maximize efficiency and decrease work-related injuries.
• Dosing System: Standard equipped with two chemical dosage units and flow meters for accurate volumetric dosing. Additional dosing unit for rinse aid or disinfectant available upon request.
• Drying Efficacy: Loads are exposed to a hot air flow system to assist in the drying of exposed surfaces. Electrical or steam drying system with blowers available.
• Easy Maintenance: Maintenance access to all components can be done from the front and rear sides of the device.