Best Practices for CO2 Incubator Selection

CO2 incubators are vital instruments in scientific research as they allow scientists to grow biological or cell cultures in a precisely controlled environment. Parameters that can be monitored and controlled include carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), pH levels, humidity, sterility, and temperature, all of which are essential for creating a suitable and natural atmosphere. These instruments allow scientists to grow cell and tissue cultures, which are needed for further research. This blog post will examine the best practices for choosing a CO2 incubator.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CO2 Incubator

Two types of CO2 incubators are available: direct heat incubators and water-jacketed CO2 incubators. Direct heat incubators are used when temperature fluctuations are unlikely and set-up time is crucial to the process. Water jacket incubators are more commonly used if the cell cultures are sensitive to vibration, temperature fluctuations are likely to occur, or temperature uniformity is of high importance. 

There is a range of parameters to consider when choosing a CO2 incubator, and the priority of each depends on the cell cultures being grown and their properties. Some processes require fast CO2 and temperature recovery, and considerations are whether the incubator needs to be moved frequently or if the cells are sensitive to vibration or temperature fluctuations. 

Other key factors to pay attention to include:

  • Capacity
  • Construction material
  • CO2 control
  • Durability
  • Humidity control
  • Noise level
  • Sterilization
  • Temperature control

ARES Scientific and CO2 Incubators

ARES Scientific is dedicated to providing the scientific community with innovative and sustainable products. We have a portfolio of high-quality, pre-qualified products designed to enhance laboratory processes. Within our portfolio we offer CO2 incubators for pharmaceutidal or medical industries to keep bacteria, cell or tissue cultures safe and protect them from contamination. 

Memmert ICO CO2 Incubator

The Memmert ICO is a programmable model designed to protect bacteria, cell or tissue cultures in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. It is the ideal solution for scientists who need complete control over a cell growth environment, as humidity, temperature and other parameters can be closely monitored and modified as necessary. 

Humidity Controls

  • Adjust CO2 and O2 from 0 to 20%, with a setting accuracy of 01.%
  • Digital electronic CO2 control with dual beam NDIR system
  • Humidity control (with option K7) 40 to 97 % rh and rh-Off

Temperature Controls

  • Setting temperature range from +18 to +50oC
  • Sterilisation cycle runs for 60 minutes at 180oC
  • Working temperature range from 5oC above ambient temperature up to +50oC. 
  • Temperature sensors 2 Pt100 sensors DIN Class A in 4-wire-circuit for mutual monitoring and taking over in case of errors

Other important functions of the Memmert ICO CO2 incubator include the ControlCOCKPIT TwinDISPLAY,  European language settings, AtmoCONTROL programming software on a USB stick, which enables programming, managing and transferring programs via the internet or USB

Contact a member of ARES Scientific today for more information on choosing the most suitable CO2 incubator for your cell culture growth applications.


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