Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Diagnostics: The Remarkable Benefits of Mobile X-ray Cabinets in Pathology Labs



In the fast-advancing field of medical diagnostics, the intersection of radiology and pathology plays an important role, especially in the detection and management of breast cancer. Traditional X-ray imaging techniques have provided essential insights into underlying pathologies, enabled the confirmation of adequately sampled biopsy specimens, and ensured that observed microcalcifications align with radiographic abnormalities. These functions have enabled precise diagnosis and expanded treatments options, proving indispensable in breast pathology, particularly when scrutinizing areas with suspected malignant growth.

While the traditional practice of radiology-pathology correlation has been instrumental in evaluating microcalcifications and radiopaque clips, it also has been restrained by limitations inherent to specimen radiography in radiology suites. But recent innovations have transformed this landscape. The emergence of in-lab breast specimen radiography, facilitated by mobile X-ray cabinets, has been a transformational development. This innovation significantly reduces the need for tissue blocks and cuts down on examination turnaround time, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. The adoption of mobile X-ray cabinets in pathology labs is more than just an advancement: It’s a breakthrough that offers remarkable benefits, reshaping the future of breast cancer diagnostics.


Benefits of a Mobile X-ray Cabinet


Improved Turnaround Time

One of the most significant impacts of implementing in-lab specimen radiography is the substantial reduction in turnaround time. In one study, the turnaround time improved by 1.04 days for core biopsies and 2.01 days for mastectomies. This improved turnaround time translates into faster results for patients, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and potentially reducing anxiety associated with waiting for biopsy results.

Reduction in Block Utilization

The portable X-ray cabinet not only allows the pathologist to view specimens quickly but also leads to more targeted selection of tissue for embedding. It was found that in-lab imaging reduced mastectomy block utilization by 10.6 blocks per imaged case, resulting in potentially significant annual savings. This reduction in workload translates into cost savings, contributing to the cost-effectiveness of introducing a mobile X-ray cabinet into the laboratory.

Greater Access and Convenience

The availability of the X-ray pathology cabinet in the lab has eliminated the need to transport specimens to radiology suites, which increases utilization and makes specimen radiography more readily accessible. The presence of mobile X-ray cabinets has been associated with an increase from 0 to 115 lumpectomy specimens imaged on a per-year basis, and from 36 to 638 mastectomy specimens.

 Quality Improvement and Potential Challenges

The mobile X-Ray cabinet offers a reliable method of examination, reducing the number of cases where calcifications or clips are not found, and meeting standards of care. However, it must be acknowledged that the absence of a radiologist’s expertise may pose challenges in recognizing or overcalling certain findings. Training for pathologists or having a radiologist on hand helps overcome this limitation.


General Overview Cabinet X-Ray Systems (Closed X-Ray Systems)

Cabinet X-ray systems, often referred to as closed X-ray systems or specimen imaging or specimen radiography systems, are a pivotal technology in various industries. From security to manufacturing and healthcare, these systems are employed to reveal hidden details without damaging the inspected items. Here’s a comprehensive look at these versatile systems.


Cabinet X-ray systems encompass an X-ray tube enclosed within a lead shield in a lead-lined cabinet, which prevents almost all x-ray radiation from escaping, so much so that no personal shielding is required. These systems are critical in producing X-ray images of objects, including products, luggage, and medical samples, without damaging their contents.

 General Uses

  • Security Screening: They are essential in airport baggage checks and international cargo inspections.
  • Quality Control: They help in identifying defects in products like circuit boards and tires.
  • Food Safety: Inspection for foreign objects within food items is another application.

Medical and Pathology Uses

  • Tissue Analysis: Analyzing tissue samples to detect tumor metastases or pathological changes.
  • Biopsy Examination: Investigating biopsy samples to ascertain malignancy or other underlying conditions.
  • Research Purposes: Leveraged in scientific research for understanding disease progression, effects of treatment, and more.

Safety Measures

  • These systems, when used medically, are subject to stringent Food and Drug Administration regulations that ensure quality and safety.
  • Complying with FDA standards, the radiation emissions are usually kept b revolutionary technologies and applications that are redefining specimen radiology and tomosynthesis, focusing on Kubtec’s offerings like the XPERT® 80/80-L, MOZART® Supra®, and mobile X-ray cabinets.

A New Way of Working in Pathology: Kubtec’s Revolution

Kubtec’s mission is to revolutionize patient care by offering proprietary systems that improve efficiency, reduce handling time, and minimize the number of cuts needed on each specimen. These advancements are changing traditional pathology by addressing the challenges that have plagued it.

Challenges in Traditional Pathology

Locating clips within breast specimens and performing other intricate procedures could previously take days or even weeks. The cumbersome process of scheduling radiography and submitting multiple sections caused bottlenecks and delayed diagnosis. This was a significant hindrance to patient care.


Kubtec’s Solution to Traditional Challenges

Kubtec’s Specimen Imaging systems, designed to tackle these challenges head-on, are transforming gross rooms globally. They save time, enhance safety, and reduce turnaround times. The key features of Kubtec Specimen Imaging include easy operation with a single click, full compliance with safety standards, rapid viewing of images in seconds, and an accessibility that requires no specialized knowledge, widening its applications.

Imaging Capabilities: Breast, Organs, Bone & More

Kubtec’s versatile systems allow for a broad range of imaging applications such as instant biopsy clip location in breast imaging, the visualization of organs like the liver, lung, spleen, and kidneys, identifying hardware in bone before sawing, measuring skeletal deformities in fetal demise, and locating stents in coronary vessels during autopsy.

Benefits of Kubtec Specimen Imaging

The benefits of Kubec Specimen Imaging include improvements in patient care by ensuring proper identification of anatomical features, streamlining processes for quicker sign-offs, increasing the accuracy of cuts, and improving operator safety by avoiding cutting through hardware.

Innovative Technologies and The Kubtec Advantage

Exclusive to Kubtec, the Image Blender™ overlays X-ray and optical images for precise cuts. The MOZART® System’s 1mm digital slices provide a detailed view of the specimen’s anatomy. Intelligent Imaging for Pathology by Kubtec also offers Automatic Specimen Alert, AutoMagnification for optimal resolution, hands-free voice control over image viewing, and an HD Optical View to ensure orientation and accuracy.

Specimen Radiology and Tomosynthesis: Mobile X-ray Pathology Cabinets

The XPERT mobile X-ray series from Kubtec is reshaping medical radiography and tomosynthesis. These cabinets are designed for top-tier specimen digital radiography, catering to pathology and intra-operative specimen analysis. They ensure high clinical standards while maximizing patient comfort. And immediate results are available within autopsy rooms, enabling faster decisions without sacrificing quality.

Versatility in Research and Diagnosis

The detector sizes in Kubtec’s offerings range from 3-by-5-inch to 17-by-17-inch, allowing flexibility in research and diagnosis. The Mozart tomosynthesis cabinet utilizes a special algorithm to review the specimen from different angles, unveiling minute details. Moreover, Mozart’s Tomospec technology detects breast cancer invisible with regular radiography, providing 2-D and 3-D imaging.

Digital Imaging, Portability, and Special Applications

Kubtec’s digital imaging technologies enable immediate analysis and robust result documentation, all in a mobile configuration that allows the facility to bring the imager where it’s needed, when it’s needed.


Kubtec Digital Radiography System for Gross Specimen Imaging is revolutionizing pathology. From speeding up processes to ensuring accuracy, safety, and innovative solutions like 3-D imaging and voice control, Kubtec sets a new standard in pathology imaging. If you’re a pathology professional looking to enhance your gross room capabilities, now is the time to integrate a Kubtec specimen imaging system into your workflow. Kubtec’s wide-ranging product offerings, including the mobile X-ray cabinets, are providing innovative and immediate solutions, leading the way in both clinical treatments and scientific research.


ARES Scientific and Kubtec: A Partnership for Progress, Authorized Distribution Elevating Medical Radiography


The strategic alliance between ARES Scientific and Kubtec transcends business collaboration; it embodies a synergistic partnership dedicated to propelling medical radiography to new heights. As an authorized distributor of Kubtec’s trailblazing cabinets, ARES Scientific’s role is not confined to sales alone. It extends into the domain of product expertise, education, and robust support, providing pathologists and medical professionals with the guidance they need to choose the right X-ray cabinet for their specific requirements.

ARES Scientific’s position as an authorized distributor enables them to serve as a critical conduit between Kubtec’s state-of-the-art innovations and healthcare practitioners aiming to enhance their diagnostic capabilities. This partnership goes beyond making Kubtec’s advanced cabinets accessible; it encompasses comprehensive support from initial consultation through post-purchase. ARES Scientific’s reputation for quality service and customer care guarantees that end-users receive ongoing support, training, and the confidence to utilize Kubtec’s technologies to their potential.

More than a distributor, ARES Scientific acts as a knowledgeable guide, assisting pathologists and medical professionals in navigating the complex landscape of digital radiography. ARES Scientific provides hands-on expertise, helping healthcare providers find solutions tailored to their needs, while its alignment with Kubtec reflects a commitment to shaping a future of more precise, efficient, and patient-focused care.

In conclusion, ARES Scientific’s role as an authorized Kubtec distributor is forged in shared values and a unified vision of elevating patient care through technological innovation.It is facilitating a journey that recognizes the transformational power of technology in healthcare, fostering a future where diagnostics are not just faster and safer but tailored to the individual needs of medical professionals. The collaboration between ARES Scientific and Kubtec is a lighthouse illuminating the path toward progress in medical radiography.







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